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Alison Kenworthy, founder of Homeworthy, is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer and co-host of ABC’s travel show, “Out of Office.” She formerly worked at ABC’s Good Morning America, where she covered entertainment stories from the red carpet of the Golden Globes to the tennis courts of Wimbledon. She also traveled to small towns across the country filming heartwarming profiles of extraordinary Americans. 


In 2019, she founded Homeworthy as a way of showcasing how homes shape peoples' lives. 


Alison grew up in the historic neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, D.C. which is where she developed her love of homes and interior design. She now works in real estate and lives in Manhattan with her husband Michael. 


Homeworthy celebrates the beauty and personalities of homes around the world.  Whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling country estate, we feature thoughtfully curated spaces and the fascinating people who live in them. 

Every home has a story.

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