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Set The Table With...Homeworthy Founder, Alison Kenworthy

HOMEWORTHY: What was your inspiration for this tablescape?

ALISON KENWORTHY: French countryside--but make it the beach.

HOMEWORTHY: What plates, linens, cutlery, glassware did you use on your table?

AK: I used vintage Quimper china, an old french tablecloth (might even be a blanket) I found at at antique shop in Georgetown, Sferra linens, my grandmother's silver, rattan chargers, and my water glasses are blue and green hand-blown glass that I bought while in Biot, France.

HOMEWORTHY: Do any of the pieces have a backstory?

AK: Yes! I bought 100 pieces of this Quimper china before I ever had an appreciation for it. I had just graduated from college and was at an auction house in Washington, D.C. with my mom who said, "you have to buy this!" So I bought an entire bin of it for $425!

HOMEWORTHY: Do you have any rules you always follow when designing a table?

AK: For me, not everything has to match. Personally, I don't really like matchy-matchy so the more eclectic the better. But there should be some sense of cohesion. For a dinner party I love lots of candlelight and fresh flowers from my local bodega. I'm also a big fan of assigned seating with good old fashioned place cards. Makes it less awkward when everyone gets to the table!

HOMEWORTHY: Who are your dream guests at this dinner party?

AK: Family--always! Nobody can make me laugh harder than they can.


French-inspired Accents:

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