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Cute Cabin-Themed Apartment in New York City

Ryan and Alan Harris both share a serious love of camping, the outdoors, and National much so that they transformed their Brooklyn apartment into a cabin-like home. Ryan is a social worker and Alan is a writer and director and together they live in their Crown Heights apartment with their daughter, Sally and their son, Fox. You'll be wowed by quirky vintage finds, mid-century modern furniture, DIY projects galore, and so much more. Take a look inside this cute and cozy home. And after many years of dreaming--they actually bought a cabin!

*Shop Items Similar to Ryan and Alan's Brooklyn Apartment*

Mid-Century Bed Frame

Media Console

Mid-Century Couch

Mid-Century Mini Desk

Mid-Century Desk

Cute Rattan Mirror

Electric Crackling Log Fire

Ikea Crib

Mid-Century Dresser

Mid-Century Side Tables

Cute Side Table

Dining Table

Cool Dining Chairs


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