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Inside Tallwood: A Grandmillenial Restores Her Family's Dream Home in Virginia’s Horse Country

Jenny Bohannon has an absolutely charming Instagram account filled with beautiful pictures of her home, lovingly named Tallwood, that sits on six acres of land in Northern Virginia's horse country. But she also posts THE MOST ADORABLE videos of their family's pet ducklings swimming around in the kitchen sink surrounded by blooming hydrangeas and lilacs--it truly looks like something out of a magazine shoot!  Naturally, these videos have taken the Internet by storm and Jenny now has fans all over the world. Jenny, who is a grandmillennial with impeccable taste, gives us a fabulous tour of the 1960s home she and her husband are currently restoring to its original glory. Along the way she has discovered lots of treasures like beautiful light fixtures and original wallpaper. You're in for a real treat!

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