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Set The Table With...Hathaway Hutton Founder Jen Risk

Right now, dinner party dreams are just that: dreams. But Homeworthy is here to make them a reality – at least, without any guests. We've asked an eclectic mix of notables to set the table they wish they could invite people to and share all the details for our new series, "Set The Table With..." And this week we're featuring the fabulous and hilarious Jen Risk who loves a good high-low moment mixed in with a splash of vintage charm.

HOMEWORTHY: What was your inspiration for this tablescape? 

JEN RISK: I always love using what I have but am constantly mixing and matching. Eddie Ross is the absolute king of the high/low/mix-match. I love following him to get inspired if I’m feeling stuck.

HOMEWORTHY: What items did you use on your table?

JR: Truth be told we didn’t register for wedding china because I inherited my parent’s china from their first marriage. It’s the loveliest Limoges and one of my favorite things. I stacked it on my Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch plates. The silver belonged to my great-grandmother, Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, and we use it every day. I am a firm believer in that if you have things, you should use them! I would hate to sock it away. We also put our silver in the dishwasher, in case anyone is wondering about my personality type. The naked lady mugs also belonged to my great-grandmother. She kept them in her speak-easy room in Connecticut.

HOMEWORTHY: How many places did you set for this dinner? Any particular reason why?

JR: Six. Because any more than 6 at our Ikea table is a squeeze. I also think 6 it’s the perfect number of guests.

HOMEWORTHY: Do you follow any rules when setting a table?

JR: Yes! Always fresh flowers, always from our garden. The new dawn roses line our white picket fence in the front of our house. We took them home as babies from Nantucket 6 years ago on the day we left, which required my husband to completely rearrange the packed to the gills car top to bottom. Nothing like a forced-family-fun trip to the nursery!

HOMEWORTHY: Any particular friends you imagine sitting there?

JR: A few years ago it would have been completely creepy to say you have Instagram friends, but I think much of Instagram has become a lovely place for connection and collaboration. The list would include you (@alisonkenworthy) because I want the spilled beans on the best interviews and your favorite interiors, my best friend Molly ( who of course I know already--but you know her as well--and it would be so much fun if she was there. Danielle Prescod (@danielleprescod) who is wise, funny, and a fabulous writer. Emma Bazilian (@ebazilian), who I’m not sure if she knows it or not but we are in a secret competition to buy the best stuff from Avery (@av3rym) at @velvetshoestring. Last but not least, I would invite Martha Stewart (@marthastewart48) and Nancy Meyers (@nmeyers). I know I’m breaking my own rule about six being the perfect number of guests, but for this crew? We can squeeze.

HOMEWORTHY: Do you envision a certain music playlist for this meal?

JR: Alexa play Dave Matthews live playlist on Spotify.

HOMEWORTHY: What's on the menu?

JR: Home-cooked or Chick-fil-A… doesn’t matter as long as there’s good company and good wine. Love rosé all summer but especially towards the end of summer. The two here I just adore. One is from McBride Sisters which is delicious and one of the only Black owned wineries in the US. I order from them online, and it ships cold in 2 days. Makes for a fantastic mail day. The other is the rosé import from Joey Wolffer, which I bought a case of when I was leaving the Hamptons to try to hang onto summer just a little longer.


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