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Snooping Alexandra Poster Bennaim's Paris Apartment

Alexandra is in every way a champion of design--just take a look at her beautifully curated Instagram account and you'll see her regularly celebrating the work of clients and sharing new inspirations. Her Paris apartment was decorated with the help of close friend Nicolas Trousselle from the French interior design agency Secrets d’Intérieurs. Her west Paris home reflects the Anglo-Franco dynamic of her personal and professional life, and the international scope of her design client base. Let's get snooping!

HOMEWORTHY: How do you describe your interior design style?

ALEXANDRA POSTER BENNAIM: I wanted my home to reflect my personality and my passion for the design industry. My style is definitely eclectic, with an abundance of gold and carefully placed mixtures of vintage and modern features.

HOMEWORTHY: What are your favorite things in your home?

APB: I love frogs, they have always been my lucky charm! They can be found scattered throughout my apartment. I am obsessed with cushions, particularly my gorgeous Christian Lacroix Maison cushions that are in my living room.

APB: I love entertaining my friends and family! Therefore, my dining room is one of my favorite spaces – specifically my gorgeous painting by Jon One.

HOMEWORTHY: What item have you splurged on?

APB: I bought a pair of these wonderful comfy brown chairs that I absolutely love, and they really emphasize my passion for mixing vintage and modern.

HOMEWORTHY: What item is on your wishlist?

APB: Given the fact I am having to work from home more now than ever, I am looking for a comfortable office chair. I have had my eye on this chair.

**Photos by Francis Amiand

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