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Snooping Chris Glass' Berlin Apartment

Chris Glass has an unfair number of talents. He's a writer, a star on the German TV show "Queer 4 You," and the incredibly dapper founder of aptm, a hybrid retail-event-lifestyle space in Berlin designed as an apartment. In this space, his signature take on interior styling and event hosting has found a home--it's a ‘shoppable apartment,’ featuring an edited assortment of furniture, artwork, lighting, gifts, textiles, and accessories. Chris’ style is unapologetic, bold, and glamorous. And his apartment is a showstopper filled with treasures galore!

HOMEWORTHY: How do you describe your interior design style?

CHRIS GLASS: I struggle with minimalism, because...well, why?  The thought of white walls gives me agita, so I enjoy living in color. I find inspiration most often in my travels, therefore my home is a collection of pieces from around the world that each have a story to tell.  There’s a dramatic flair to my space, but it’s also lived in, purposeful, chic, and effortless.

HOMEWORTHY: What are your favorite things in your home?

CG: This piece of artwork is from contemporary artist Ruby Anemic, who is also a friend. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and it’s an earnest reminder to live my life the way that honors me most.

CG: A friend called to tell me about this vintage Ligne Roset Togo sofa set she’d found in a vintage shop in her neighborhood. I had dreamed of having this sofa for a while and nearly ran over someone trying to get there quickly enough to find it. Of the MANY things I collect, these handmade stuffed figures give me such joy (and confuse my cleaner).

HOMEWORTHY: What item have you splurged on?

CG: I recently bought a pair of these brass candle stick holders which I’m very enchanted with

HOMEWORTHY: Any sneaky decorating tips?

CG: Very sneaky and it makes a load of difference – hire a professional!  Saving that, candlelight makes everything (and everyone) look better.

HOMEWORTHY: What's on your wishlist?

CG: A table from a South African design studio called Wiid Design.

*Photos by Jochen Arndt and headshot by Kate McLuckie

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