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Snooping C.C. Bernstein's Cozy London Apartment

She graduated with a BA in English from Georgetown University and after a brief stint in e-commerce making a pocketed sports bra called The Boobypack, i.e. a fannypack for your rack (as seen on Shark Tank!), she returned to her true passion--writing.

Princess Pinecone and the Wee Royals is C.C.'s debut children's book and was inspired by a story that her mom used to tell her before bed. "It aims to teach your little one the importance of empathy, forgiveness and kindness." The artwork is exceptionally original--the only one of its kind. The book is a photographed facsimile of entirely hand-embroidered artwork. The original stitching took Irem Yazici more than 1,400 hours and three years to create!!

HOMEWORTHY: How do you describe your interior design style?

C.C. BERNSTEIN: I really like homes that manage to be both cozy and elegant at the same time but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with cozy. I also love when textures as well as patterns are varied.

HOMEWORTHY: Tell me a little bit about your home in London.

CB: We live in a two-story "flat" in Notting Hill. (I still love working the word "flat" into conversation. Also "cheers" and "jokes.") The bones of the place are sleek and modern– full of steel, pale wood and square shelves. We've cluttered up the place though, so now it looks more comfy-eclectic than sleek-modern.

HOMEWORTHY: What are your favorite pieces in your home?

CB: My mom's paintings. Her blue nudes complete our living room. Our Petra Palumbo glassware. Her hand painted carafe and tumbler set is perfect for any guest room. Our Stable Ireland linen napkins and wool blankets. Stable Ireland is Marty's Aunt's company and everything they sell is beautifully and lovingly crafted in Ireland. Our Land of Belle honeycomb cake cover and napkin rings. Our Hill House Home embroidered cocktail napkins. And finally our ovenproof dishes, sculpted and painted by Marty's talented cousin, Claire Finlay.

HOMEWORTHY: Favorite architectural feature about your home?

CB: Most definitely the fireplace. Even though it's gas, it still gives off so much heat. The stone surround is from Arbon Interiors on Golborne Road. The two Venetian grotto-esque chairs on either side are from Sunbury Antiques market.

HOMEWORTHY: What home item did you splurge on and where did you get it?

CB:The Iksel Italian Panoramic wallpaper which I hung on two wood panels in our bedroom. Iksel isn't as expensive as De Gournay but still, it was a splurge.

HOMEWORTHY: Any sneaky decorating tricks?

CB: Go to antiques markets! It might take a bit of digging but the deals you find are well worth it. Also Rita Konig has a great online interior design course through the Teachable app that I highly recommend.

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