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Snooping Robin Verrier's Treasure-Filled Charlottesville, Virginia Studio

Warning: do not visit Robin's perfectly curated Instagram page if you're not prepared to spiral down a rabbit hole of glamorous pictures for a solid 30 minutes. Robin is the founder of Verry Robin & Co. and believes that beautiful storytelling should be effortless. From her home studio in southern Virginia, she tells stories through imagery that captivates and delights the eye.

HOMEWORTHY: For the past few years you have worked from your beautiful home studio--what's that experience been like? ROBIN VERRIER: When I first started this business 4 years ago, I'd just left a job where I worked in an office so it certainly took some getting used to. But I now have a solid schedule down and I wouldn't want it any other way. My studio is attached to my home so I'm able to go in there and work and shoot when I need to and then shut the door and I'm home. It's so nice that way, actually.

HOMEWORTHY: How does this current WFH experience differ from your more normal routine during non-Covid times? RV: You know, I'll be totally honest it hasn't changed a whole lot. I'm one of the very few people who can say that and I'm so grateful. I can still work with my brands because I typically work remotely as it is. So I've been shooting all year long like usual which has, to be totally honest, kept me sane and positive to be busy during these hard times. I should note however, that during pre-covid times, I would be out working in coffee shops editing photos a lot, prop sourcing at antique shops regularly and frequenting my gym but other than that it's quite the same.

HOMEWORTHY: How would you describe your interior design style? RV: I think my style in interiors can be reflected in other aspects of my life too, like food, fashion, etc. But I love things that are beautiful but approachable. I don't like the idea of a room you can't use of something that is just so nice you'd never touch it. I love the idea of approachable luxury - where you feel so good using it and you use it because it's so good. I love a room that is calm, cozy, inviting and tidy. (Sorry is that three, hah?!)

HOMEWORTHY: If you had to pick five favorite things in your studio, what would they be?! RV: I jokingly call myself a "Professional Hoarder" because I have a solid prop library and I use it just about everyday. So to pick 5 things will be tough be here are a few top picks:

RV: My shell collection: I have an incredible amount of shells (a lot I've found from my travels over the years) and they bring me immense joy. I couldn't work without them.

RV: My Seamless White Backdrop: This is a commercial stylist/photographer MUST have. It's a staple to have for shoots of course but it's so nice to have a large white space to put things when I'm brainstorming. A place to lay things all out on a crisp white backdrop to gather my thoughts for projects ahead.

RV: My Collection of Ephemera: I've been collecting antique papers and letters for years now so I have accumulated quite the collection. I love to pour through them and read what folks were writing to each other. I have a few love letters from spouses and they are so sweet and sacred. I love to use them in my work because it kind of honors them and gives them a second life.

RV: My Coral Collection: Like many of the other items I've listed, I obviously love a good collection. And my coral collection is one of my most treasured though. I buy coral (ONLY) from antique shops.

RV: My Fossil Collection: I jokingly refer to myself as a "Closet Paleontologist" because I'm absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs and fascinated with their 177 million year reign. My husband is working on his Masters and I told him when he's done I'll get mine. (Joking but also maybe not joking?) For each holiday and birthday my husband usually gives me a new fossil for my collection and it makes me deeply happy.

HOMEWORTHY: What do you love most about your studio? RV: The endless possibilities it holds. I can walk in there and do and become anything I want. It's like I'm walking into my brain - I've created a very self reflective environment - hah!

HOMEWORTHY: Where do you find all of your treasures? RV: I get asked this question a lot and the answer is always antique shops. I'm so lucky to live in a city and state that has a solid number of wonderful antique shops and emporiums sprinkled throughout for me to discover and frequent. My best friend J.P. Horton (who is a fabulous interior designer) and I love to scour the state on antique trips and find new places to go and treasure galore. We like to say it's our favorite sport!

HOMEWORTHY: Your office is so personal and warm--what's the trick to making a work space feel cozy? RV:I love to cover the walls with pretty magazine clippings to always keep me inspired as well as sprinkle family photos throughout. I also think lighting is key so I have three soft lamps in here to make it extra cozy.

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