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Snooping Nicola Bathie McLaughlin's San Antonio, Texas Home

Nicole Bathie McLaughlin has no shortage of creative talents. She founded a gorgeous line of jewelry and then expanded her business by opening her own boutique firm focusing on residential interior design. She manages to run two companies and raise two daughters while looking effortlessly chic!

HOMEWORTHY: How do you describe your interior design style?

NICOLA BATHIE MCLAUGHLIN: I would say transitional, a subtle mix between traditional and contemporary style, meaning there is a strong sense of traditional pieces while incorporating cleaner colors and straighter lines.

HOMEWORTHY: What are your favorite things in your home?

NBM: A yellow sofa in our study. (above, left) I made it fancier than our others and thought no one would ever sit on it. It is beyond the most sat-on piece of furniture in the house, used by everyone, including the dog. Also, my daughters' "big girl" room! (above, right)

HOMEWORTHY: What item have you splurged on?

NBM: Hopefully, my husband isn’t reading this...! I tend to not focus on the price but more the value (really, interest!) it has to me. Pro, I have been able to collect a lot of pieces that are inexpensive treasures. Con, I also have collected quite a few pieces more on the splurge side of things. But, isn’t life all about balance? I would say a piece that was a splurge that no one else might understand is an 1820s Biedermeier wood chest. The legs, which I love, have such a pretty shape and interesting juxtaposition to the enormity of the chest itself. It is so old and in such great shape and I look at and wonder all the places it’s been and what all it’s seen!

HOMEWORTHY: Any sneaky decorating tricks?

NBM: Mixing old pieces and new pieces together; it gives any space such an intriguing touch.

HOMEWORTHY: What is on your wish list?

NBM: A Kelly green, silk de Gournay wallpapered dining room.

HOMEWORTHY: Go-to hostess gift?

NBM: Planned: embroidered linen hand towels or dinner napkins. Unplanned: a homemade flower arrangement in a pretty blue and white pot.

Headshot courtesy of Caroline Behrens

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