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What To Wear Where...Featuring Fashion Blogger Monica Awe-Etuk

Homeworthy wonders: what deliciously inappropriate outfit can you get away with wearing, where? Pre-COVID, it was the Nap Dress in a meeting or SoulCycling in a Chanel scrunchie; now, it’s a sequined top to a Zoom Happy Hour from your kitchen or statement earrings with your loungewear on the couch. In this series, we push the boundaries of your floor plan and your comfort level as we check in with the stylish set, showcasing home design side-by-side chic styling.

HOMEWORTHY: Where in your home did you take the photo?

MONICA AWE-ETUK: The image is taken in my kitchen.

HOMEWORTHY: How much time a day do you spend in your kitchen?

MAE: I have always cooked, but never spent that much time in the kitchen until the pandemic hit. Now the kitchen is my absolute favorite place in the house. My kitchen gets so much natural light that all the members of my family naturally gravitate towards the space to not just see what I am cooking but to hang out.

HOMEWORTHY: What touches made your outfit feel like you went that extra “fashion” step?

MAE: The feather detail on the shoes! They make any outfit look extra and I love it!

HOMEWORTHY: Have you worn this outfit before? Where to?

MAE: I have worn the dress for a style video I shot for my Youtube channel. The dress is actually extremely versatile as I show how to style the dress casual with combat boots and dressy with my white sandals.

HOMEWORTHY: Will you wear this outfit again after lockdown?

MAE: Absolutely. I love this look and will wear it the first chance I get to attend a social gathering.

HOMEWORTHY: Please give us any details about the outfit that you’d like to share!

MAE: The dress is from H&M, shoes are Brother Vellies, and earrings are Zoe Chicco

Items Inspired by Monica:

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