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What To Wear Where....Featuring The Nat Note Founder Natalie Steen

Homeworthy wonders: what deliciously inappropriate outfit can you get away with wearing, where? Pre-COVID, it was the Nap Dress in a meeting or SoulCycling in a Chanel scrunchie; now, it’s a sequined top to a Zoom Happy Hour from your kitchen or statement earrings with your loungewear on the couch. In this series, we push the boundaries of your floor plan and your comfort level as we check in with the stylish set, showcasing home design side-by-side chic styling.

HOMEWORTHY: Where in your home did you take the photo?

NATALIE STEEN: I’m in my living room; the dining room behind me became my temporary office back in March. I spend most of my 9 to 5 there during the work week, looking out into my living room. It’s a happy spot – I have a view of the world outside, my son is usually crawling under the table and interrupting my Zoom meetings, and the bar is just around the corner.

HOMEWORTHY: Why do you love this room? Was this the case pre-lockdown?

NS: I’ve come to appreciate this space more than ever. While the living room was always the party spot, I admittedly had only hosted in my dining room a handful of times pre-lockdown. The room is certainly well lived-in now.

HOMEWORTHY: How does your outfit correlate (or not!) to the space you chose?

NS: The outfit and the room are a reflection of my own personal style, which is a bit of an oxymoron: classic but funky.

HOMEWORTHY: What touches made your outfit feel like you went that extra “fashion” step?

NS: Wearing a wool and cashmere sweater in August in Texas is as bold as it gets. I do love when fashion gets playful – and my “day of the week” is definitely Monday, which is when my newsletter is sent out.

HOMEWORTHY: Have you worn this outfit before? Where to?

NS: This is the first time I paired the sweater with these pants – methinks they’ll become fast friends.

HOMEWORTHY: Please give us any details about the room that you’d like to share!

NS: I love the art in both of these rooms – it keeps me company. The Kelly O’Connor piece in the dining room is the backdrop of all my Zoom calls (and in my biased opinion is way better than any green screen).

Shop Natalie's look:

Sweater is Alberta Ferretti

Party pants are Valentino (scored on The Real Real),

Earrings are vintage Miu Miu clip-ons.

Shop Natalie's home:

Burl Coffee Table is from The CEH 

Red Tini Table from Oomph Home 

Leather Chairs from West Elm (shop a similar chair here)

Striped Ottomans are custom 

Sofa from Kuhl Linscomb


Shirts With a Lot to Say:

Silk Party Pants:

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